• 3D simulation software

What Are The Benefits Of A 3D Simulation Software? Featuring 5 Killer Examples

“I do not need a 3D simulation software”. We tend to hear that from our leads at the beginning of our relationship. The funny thing is that they quickly change their mind when they realize the huge potential of this kind of tool in their everyday life. In this article, we will share with you [...]

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  • Interactive Training Software

8 Advantages Of Integrating An Interactive Training Software In Corporate Training

Quality content. Polished design. Easy navigability. Even if these three ingredients are important in order to make your learning simulations successful, they are nothing without interactivity. While it seems obvious, there are still so many training managers out there doing it the old way: Delivering content, even if valuable, without inserting any interactions. This kind [...]

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9 Tips To Use A Serious Game Authoring Tool Effectively

A serious game authoring tool alone is nothing. When it comes to Instructional Design, the hardest part is not the handle all the technical stuff related to the authoring tool you are using. It is the reflection behind it. Unfortunately, training managers tend to forget it over time, leading to missuses of their authoring tool. [...]

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  • eLearning Authoring Tools

9 Myths About eLearning Authoring Tools And How To Use Them Properly

Ever since eLearning authoring tools were born, many people doubted their authenticity. People’s opinion about these tools keeps changing every now and then. Some form their opinions based on their experiences and others on hearsay. The fact remains that there is still a bit of apprehension attached to this style of learning. It is time [...]

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  • web authoring tools

6 Benefits Of Web Authoring Tools For Your Company

In a digital and cloud-based world, companies still tend to work the old way. A lot of trainers are still using traditional authoring tools, locally saved into their desktop. Even though this is a great way to work, trends are evolving: It is now time to move to web authoring tools. As it might sound [...]

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